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  • Benefit Committee

    Jack Beetstra jbeetstra@richmond.ca

    Mia Kivari mkivari@richmond.ca

    Jordan Lehbauer jlehbauer@richmond.ca


    *Please use this form to submitt a Good & Welfare on behalf of yourself or another member.  Thank you!

    Terms of Reference: Benefit Committee

    As per L1286's Constitution


    The Benefit Committee shall consist of three members to be elected, or in the absence of names for election, appointed by the President.  Two positions shall be elected for a two year term in even numbered years and one position shall be elected for a two year term in odd numbered years.

    A.           A Chairperson and Secretary/Treasurer are to be elected by the Committee members, each of whom have one vote.

    B.            The duties of the Benefit Committee shall be: the making of provision by means of contribution, subscriptions, assessments, donations, or otherwise, against any one or more of the following: 

    1.             Sickness, accident, unavoidable misfortune to its members; 

    2.         Assisting widows, widowers and orphan children of diseased members; 

    3.         Giving such financial or other assistance to its members or their families or dependents, or to any benevolent or provident purpose, as the membership may from time to time determine.

    C.            The Benefit Committee shall have the authority to use monies in their account to supply services as outlined in (2) above. 

    D.         The Union Treasurer shall administer all accounts.



    A.         MEMBERSHIP:

    Active:         Dues paying members, actively employed by the Richmond Fire-Rescue Department. 

    Retired:         A member in good standing who retires on pension by reason of completion of years of service or ill health. 

    Dependent Children: 

                      Shall be defined as members dependent children nineteen years and under. 

    B.            DUES: 

    Dues shall be .036% of a first class fire fighter's rate per month per active member. 


    1.             Sickness:

    Flowers, fruit baskets, or other similar gesture will be sent to the following when staying in the hospital

    -                Members

    -                Member's spouse

                                 -                Member's dependent children 

    -                Member's mother and father

    -                Member's mother in-law and father in-law 

    -                Others as determined by the Benefit Committee or Union Executive 

    2.         Funerals:

    Flowers or charitable donations will be sent to the    following: 

    -                Members

    -                Member's spouse

    -                Member's dependent children 

    -                Member's mother and father

    -                Member's mother in-law and father in-law

     -                Others as determined by Benefit Committee or Union Executive

    3.         Television Rentals 

    The cost of hospital television rentals shall be paid for, for the following when staying in the hospital: 

    -                Members

    -                Member's spouse

    -                Dependent children


    4.         Retirement Gift:

    The traditional engraved wall clock shall be given to all members upon retirement.  In the event the clocks are no longer available, the Committee shall select an alternate gift of equal value. 

         5.     Death Benefit: 

    A.      In the case of a death of an active member or their spouse.  A sum of money equal to $10.00 per member shall be deposited in a bank account in the name of the member, or their spouse, whoever is the survivor.

    6.     Funeral Expenses:

    A.           Upon the death of an active or retired member, an amount of money equal to 12% of a first class firefighter's monthly salary shall be paid to the spouse or legal representative of the deceased member. 

    B.      Upon the death of the spouse or dependent child of an active or retired member, an amount of money equal to 12% of a first class firefighter's monthly salary shall be paid to the member or their legal representative. 

    7.      Reception: 

    The Benefit Committee upon the death of a member shall pay for the cost of a reception. 

             8.       Honorariums: 

    An honorarium of .0048% of a first class firefighter's rate per month per active member shall be paid to the official padre of the Richmond Fire-Rescue Department.

    All percentage costs shall be based of a first class firefighter's monthly rate of pay.

    All other expenses of the Benefit Committee not mentioned above, shall be paid upon approval of the Benefit Committee, the Finance Committee and a majority vote of the Membership.

             9.         Y.V.R. Amalgamation: 

    While it is technically not our responsibility to provide benefits to former Y.V.R. members who retired prior to the amalgamation, any requests from these people will be addressed on an individual basis. 

    10.         Finances:

    The finances of this committee shall be accounted for in the following manner: 

    -         The treasurer of local 1286 shall hold all bank accounts

    -         A budget will be forwarded to the treasurer at the beginning of each year 

    -         All discretionary money, which is deemed to be outside the

    terms of reference for this committee, shall be taken to the finance committee for approval.


    -         All excess money shall be rolled into a term in the name of the Benefit Committee.

    -         The committee chair shall hold a five hundred dollar ($500) float.  

    -         This float may be reconciled by producing the applicable receipts.

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